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Welcome to Wirtz Werkzeugbau GmbH

We would like to extend to you a very warm welcome.
We have been an established partner in automation technology for around 40 years. Great importance is attached to the implementation and linking of complex processes. Upon request we take care of the entire package, from task definition and consultation to engineering and production all the way to series maturity and after sales support. Please take a few minutes to learn more about our possibilities. Our team is looking forward to personal contact with you.

Process experience
Most frequently implemented processes:

• Forming (pressing, bending, edging, embossing, flanging, etc.)
• Stretch-bending (aluminium, stainless steel, coax material etc.)
• Machining (sawing, milling, drilling, reaming, thread cutting + forming etc.)
• Fully-fledged CNC systems from simple to highly complex
» (up to 50 CNC axes in simultaneous operation)
• Machining with 6-axis robots
• Marking by embossing, lasering, means of needles or printing
• Automated grinding and polishing of partial areas
• Gauging, testing and/or measuring (manual, semi-automated and fully automated)
• Sorting, joining, connecting and assembling (manual, semi-automated and fully automated)
• Handling tasks from simple to highly complex
» on request with logistic scope

Frequent product groups:

Exterior screens, trims, roof rails:
• Window guides (linear and discontinuous)
• Kerbs + weather strips
• Screens
• Roof frame strips
• Roof rails (fully supported, raised and segmented)
• Punched and pressed parts made of extrusion profiles
Structural components:
• Division bars / window rails
• Rails for sunroofs
• Battery trays / individual parts and assembly
• Engine mounts
• Bumper beams
• Aluminium vehicle doors / individual parts and assembly
• Bar reinforcements

Product groups

Our Competences

After around 40 years of toolmaking, mechanical engineering and automation, our experience is very extensive - especially in the highly competitive automotive sector. Our daily work is determined by partial and full automation with linking of complex processes.


Our Products

Our tools, fixtures, machines, automats and complex production islands are individually tailored to our customers’ needs; in doing so, we make frequent use of flexible modular systems in all areas. This means that the customer always receives the latest innovations, paired with the reliability of tried and proven methods.

All Wirtz Werkzeugbau products have one thing in common:
They are consistently geared towards high quality, reliable availability and maximum effectiveness.

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