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Cycle type systems

If high volumes of the same parts are to be produced, cycle type systems are the first choice. The aim is to achieve the greatest possible simultaneity factor in the various manufacturing processes in order to obtain correspondingly short production times with the highest repeatability. The optimal nesting of the processes and the maximum reduction of the cycle time requires a high degree of experience. The same applies to the various article materials, their nature and, if necessary, their sensitive surfaces.
















The main task with cycle type systems is the required and desired flexibility. While so-called monoblock systems for a particular product or a small product group can be implemented already conceivable cheap, highly flexible cycle type systems for a variety of different products and very short setup times are correspondingly more expensive. At the beginning, therefore, the needs of the customer should be specifically determined and arranged in order to choose the optimal variant. The degree of automation is determined by very different factors. On the one hand of course ultimately the customer's wishes - on the other hand, but especially the economic boundary conditions at the respective manufacturing site. The required production volume, the personnel costs, the personnel structure, space, etc. are just a few parameters.


We are happy to advise you on these considerations with decades of experience.






After the tasks, scopes and goals are clearly defined, the implementation begins. Exactly here are the big strengths of the company Wirtz Werkzeugbau GmbH. From engineering to the finished product, we implement your project carefully and with great commitment. Design, E-planning, single-part production, control cabinet design and building, software construction, assembly, installation, commissioning, programming, fine-tuning and acceptance - everything remains in our hands until complete completion. Our technicians and engineers in the respective departments remain involved in the project until the end.

Even after delivery, assembly, commissioning and acceptance, we remain your contact. On request, your employees receive advanced training for machine operation and maintenance. Also, schooling production guidance can be supported. Of course we also help with any later topics such as extensions, changes, relocations, inspections, spare parts or service cases - our competent project managers and service technicians are there for you.

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