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Railing systems

The production of roof rail manufacturing systems has been an integral part of Wirtz Werkzeugbau GmbH for around 15 years. The systems have very different degrees of automation. From simple manual loading to fully automatic production including destacking from semi-finished racks and sorted storage in custom racks, the spectrum is available. Due to the very high intensity and demand in recent years, we have a very large experience. Over all variants, almost 50 production systems are in use worldwide. The associated, exchangeable tool sets for the respective railing articles are well over 120.

Development and evolution has progressed in recent years. Automatic tool change systems for very fast changeover between different railing types are available as well as extremely fast production islands with up to 6 cutting spindles in simultaneous engagement. On request, the front chamfers are also automatically ground and the finished articles are labeled according to specifications

Entry-level models with manual handling:

These models are compact, inexpensive, simple and effective.

Semi-automated systems do already link processes. Automated loading and unloading on the stretchbender or on the milling machine are the most common connections here. But the integration of deburring, chamfer grinding and/or labeling (inscribing) are also absolutely common.

For example, if you already have stretchbending capacity, there are corresponding variants that handle partially automatically the already bent parts through the subsequent processes.

The personnel costs are already decreasing considerably!

Models with partial automation:

Partial automation already means less personnel expenditure.

Automatic railing cells in different variants:

Automated railing cells have the task to cover all operations of mechanical production in a highly effective manner and to require as few personnel as possible. Quality, cycle time, repeatability, process reliability and availability are playing the most important roles.
Over the years, additional parameters such as flexibility and setup time were added. The railing systems are constantly evolving. The automatic change from one article to the other is optionally available as well as the direct handling of the semi-finished parts from custom transport containers with sorted placing of the finished parts in open-topped containers. For changing the container, the entire system is no longer stopped. And that is not the end of development - there are already more rationalization approaches!

Take advantage of our experience of around 50 railing systems and over 120 converted railing articles.

Even the simpler and cheaper entry-level models have some very important options. For example, the article clamping fixtures can be easily changed via quick zero point clamping units, so that different articles can be manufactured after a short setup time.
The machining capacity allows between two and three cutting spindles to be used simultaneously. Automatic change of the milling tools, extraction of the minimum quantity lubrication and/or chip conveyors are also optionally available here.

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