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About us

„Mechanical engineering with basic toolmaking“ would probably be the most accurate short description of Wirtz Werkzeugbau GmbH. To this day, the genes of high-precision toolmaking from the founding days are present everywhere. In fact, this is exactly what our philosophy is about. Initially simple combinations of high-precision punching, forming or cutting tools have evolved into complex and highly automated process chains - and still carry the seal of approval of „toolmaking“. Wherever series production requires automation concepts, we feel at home.

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From planning, development to the finished product, you get everything from a single source. As an established partner of the automotive supplier industry, we have years of „front-line experience“ and are thoroughly familiar with the rules of the game.

Our highly competent team of top-class engineers, technicians, foremen and skilled workers as well as long-standing strong cooperation partners develop manufacturing concepts that are like quality custom made suits - the customer specifies the occasion, we in turn advise, create and ensure accurate manufacturing.
And if one day a button should come loose, we sew it back on.

Company owner/CEO Thomas Wirtz and his team will be pleased to assist you. Together with the creative specialists of the company we will develop solutions for your task definitions.



At the age of 32, master toolmaker and mechanical engineer Theo Wirtz establishes the company Wirtz Werkzeugbau GmbH. The first temporary employees are father Robert Wirtz (also a toolmaker and mechanical engineer) and the two brothers Heinz and Hans Wirtz (both toolmakers). At that time, the work space incl. workshop and offi ce was less than 200 m². The fi rst tool and machine parts as well as spare parts are produced on behalf of customers.


The first company building is constructed. Now 500 m² are available for the workshop plus just over 100 m² for offices. Meanwhile the workforce numbers 7 employees plus 2 temporary workers and the machinery continues to grow. The company makes a name for itself among its customers as a reliable partner in the manufacture of precision components.



Today‘s factory 1 is built. Completely new possibilities are available. Now almost 1,800 m² are available, including production hall and office space. The size of the workshop with large crane runways allows the expansion of the product range - the first small machines are produced in addition to precision tools. The core workforce exceeds 20 and training already plays a permanent role.



At the age of 24, Thomas Wirtz is a mechanical engineer and successfully passes his exam as a master toolmaker. He takes over his first small management tasks in the company. The number of employees quickly grows to over 30 and shift work is introduced in production. The company establishes a permanent development and construction department. First steps towards automation are taken. CAD/CAM and wire-cut EDM are already being introduced in the early phase.



A new assembly hall (today‘s factory 2) with an additional area of almost 1,400 m² is built. Once again, this opens up extensive new possibilities for expanding the product range. Meanwhile, complex machines with a constantly increasing degree of automation are being developed in Krefeld. Wirtz Werkzeugbau
is an established partner of the automotive supplier industry. The first machines are delivered to the US.



Thomas Wirtz becomes managing director next to his father Theo Wirtz. The company now supplies internationally active customers with tools and machines. Firm cooperations with friendly companies are established in order to increase the possibilities even more. A separate electrical department with electrical planning, switch cabinet construction and software development is created. In the coming years the tools, devices and machines become increasingly complex. More and more fully automated production plants are developed and built.

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The 66 year old company founder Theo Wirtz officially retires from the management and hands over the remaining shares to Thomas Wirtz. However, he still has an advisory and helping capacity to this day. In addition to Europe and USA, Wirtz Werkzeugbau now also supplies tools and machines to Central America and Asia. In the next few years, several expansions are carried out.


Plant 3 is opened - there are another 700m² added. With this expansion, the electrical department, the order picking and the logistics department are growing. In addition, a professional preproduction is created.



A warehouse with 650m² will be added. As a result, the assembly areas are significantly relieved and a more professional logistics achieved. The entire operating area now has almost 5,000 m²


Further expansion possibilities have been added. 350m² of office space with 1400m² construction area in optimal position for an additional production hall are ready.



Building on proven methods and developing them further has been the motto of Wirtz Werkzeugbau GmbH for almost 40 years now. Having our finger on the pulse of the times across generations has to be the direction for the successful continuation of the company‘s history. Just like the past, the future will certainly be full of exciting times - we are looking forward to them.

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