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Stretch-bending technology

Stretch-bending is of great importance for the automated processing of profiles. It starts where roll bending is no longer sufficient in terms of precision.

As with all systems from Wirtz Werkzeugbau GmbH, different degrees of automation can be used depending on the customer‘s requirements. Everything is available, from stand-alone solutions, island systems and semi-automatic feeding systems to super-compact stretch-bending modules fully integrated into the line. For the stretch-bending direction you can choose between the more universal horizontal or the more compact vertical bending. Servo-controlled CNC axes are used for all stretch-bending systems.

Flexibility is also a key issue in stretch-bending. Fast retooling, automatic tool recognition and program selection etc. are standard features.
Semi-automatic tool changing systems are available for some variants. We would be pleased to inform you about the possibilities.

Stretch-bendable products:
- Aluminium profiles
- Steel profiles
- Stainless steel profiles
- Coax extrudates (with steel, stainless steel or aluminium carrier)

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