Das Unitrim Program

powerful, flexible, effectively, reliable

The UNITRIM manufacturing system combines the many years of experience of Wirtz Werkzeugbau GmbH, flexibly linking various manufacturing processes in modular form. This allows the addition of customer-specific and product-specific process modules. In the process, great attention is paid to extremely high flexibility. More and more product variants require adaptable manufacturing solutions.

The task of „fast retooling from one item to the next“ is encountered more and more frequently. The actually required release orders often fluctuate or, in the worst case, are not even achieved. Hence it is good if the production plant can use free capacities quickly and flexibly for other purposes. A new tool set is quickly available.
Start-up curves and decline curves, perfect backup solutions and optimal spare parts production can be perfectly managed with Unitrim systems.
The desired degree of automation is also extremely flexible. Everything is possible from manual insertion of semi-finished products or removal of finished parts via buff er conveyors to fully automatic pick-up from logistics containers and storage systems as well as deposit of finished parts in transport containers without stopping the system.

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Partial automation is also available for changing the item-related tool sets. Here, the robot product grippers are managed fully automatically in interim storages. All tool sets have modern RFID units and are recognised and checked by the system during set-up. A „wrong set-up“ is impossible ! The corresponding production programs of the individual production modules are managed within UNITRIM.

Despite all the flexibility, intensive care was taken to ensure that all core processes as well as the entire plant control are always placed on the actual plant rack - here, too, the modular design is fully consistent.

This ensures fast transport and above all very fast commissioning at the customer´s site. Within a few days, the UNITRIM system is already switched on at the customer - no matter where in the world !

The following manufacturing processes can be used in line with the UNITRIM systems:

  •  Bending and stretch-bending

  •  Robot milling and/or sawing

  •  Fully-fledged CNC milling and/or drilling (3-, 4-, or 5-axis)

  •  Hydraulic processes (stamping, forming, drawing, embossing, shearing etc.)

  •  Grinding and/or polishing of partial areas (also complete on request)

  •  Marking by embossing, means of needles, printing or lasering

  •  Measurement and/or testing


Other process types such as different joining techniques are also possible on request. And all this with fully automatic parts handling.


The UNITRIM systems are characterized not only by the described manufacturing processes and extensive flexibility, but above all by their enormously high reliability. Older systems have already produced several million items !
During development, great importance was attached to ease of maintenance. All modules are uncomplicated accessible and efficiently to maintain. Due to the very frequent use, spare parts are usually available very quickly. Nevertheless, should a problem occur, our competent technicians are available very promptly.

Let us advise you. We will be happy to prepare a proposal to your request and offer a tailor-made solution.

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