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CNC Machining

History of machining at Wirtz Werkzeugbau:

Since its foundation 40 years ago, clamping tools and fixtures have been part of the work. Initially, for simple products - later, for ever more complex articles, up to elaborate 3D parts with difficult geometries or highly decorative surfaces. Even then, feasibility, accuracy, cycle time and references played a major role. In addition, the corresponding tools and production programs were more and more frequently provided. Over the years it became more and more obvious that the actual milling solution also had to become an integral part.

Wirtz Werkzeugbau GmbH has been building CNC-controlled milling machines, modules and units for almost 25 years. For about 15 years this sector has also been completed by robotic milling machines.

Since then a lot has changed. The machining centres of Wirtz Werkzeugbau GmbH are consistently designed for volume production. All conceivable technical variants, designs and modules are available. Up to 50 controlled axes can be used in one system. Multi-spindle machines have already been implemented in almost all versions. On request, air cooling, minimum quantity lubrication or emulsion cooling with filter units are available for almost all machines.

The development of automation in the field of machining:
The demands on economic efficiency, reliability and flexibility continue to increase. Automation with ever-increasing simultaneity factors is constantly being developed.

Rotary table machines, transfer systems, rotary rollers, pallet changers, cleaning and deburring stations are just as standard as automatic feed and discharge units. Fully automated loading and unloading systems with increasing logistic tasks are now part of this. 

Thus, for example, semifinished parts can be fed via rod buffers and / or finished articles can be sorted directly into appropriate transport containers. Also, additional processes such as joining operations or similar can be integrated.

The greatest strength, however, is that the necessary clamping fixtures for the customer‘s products are in-house developed, built and run in. We provide the customer with the complete production-capable system including machine, clamping fixture, machining tools with holders and the executable production programs - turnkey.

In this sector nobody can fool us. After 40 years of tool making, it‘s all about:
„From machining for machining“!

Our CNC controlled machining program:

FZ3 2_klein.png

Robot milling machines

WiWe 2-3000-RL-1 2_klein.png

Horizontal milling machines


Gantry milling


Satteliten-Schüssel-1-RL1 2_klein.png

Special milling


Dura-Smart-Türrahmen-V2 5_klein.png



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