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Punching and forming technology

We are very proud of our roots in classical toolmaking. Our understanding of high precision has shaped us in many areas over the years and will continue to be an important part of our work in the future. For some years now you will be looking in vain to get the „standard“ progressive composite tool from us.

Wirtz Werkzeugbau GmbH is likely the right partner for more complex tasks. Cuts in 3D planes, sensitive surfaces, integration into cycled systems, high flexibility due to exchangeable Insertion tools, thermally supported plastic cuts as well as complex rubber profile punching are our preferred fields of activity.

Our punching and forming tools can be designed for existing presses at the customer‘s request, but also be equipped with autonomous drives. Pneumatic, hydraulic and servo drives are used here.

Of course, we also combine other process technologies such as various types of machining and/or various types of joining with punching and forming technology in advanced automation systems.

The preferred punching materials are various types of plastics, rubber profiles, coax profiles, aluminium profi- les, stainless steel profiles as well as steel and stainless steel sheets. Talk to us about the possibilities.

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